• 10 things to discuss with your partner before having kids

    10 Topics To Discuss With Your Partner BEFORE Having Kids

    Having a child is, perhaps, the ultimate expression of love. Think about it: there’s the love for your partner plus the love for your family plus the love for the new baby. But all of this love doesn’t stop other not-so-pleasant feelings from popping up when baby is born. Can you prepare for the onslaught of emotion before you bring…

  • what's in my beach bag

    What’s In My Beach Bag

    The hubby and I just recently got back from a wonderful family beach vacation! When I pack for the beach, I noticed that I always keep the same things in my beach bag. Today I’m gonna share those items with you so you can see what my beach bag must-haves are! A day at the beach can be ruined in…

  • 5 Things I Do To Stay Organized

    5 Things I Do To Stay Organized

    Working and going to graduate school full time makes for a crazy & hectic schedule! Staying organized is essential to decreasing stress and making sure everything gets done on time. There are certain things I do on a regular basis to stay organized. Hopefully you’ll find some tips to help you stay organized in your day-to-day life! Keeping A Planner…

  • Eyebrow Microblading Review

    Eyebrow Microblading Review

    I’ve been wanting my eyebrows microbladed for a long time! I blame it on the girl who did my wedding makeup; I realized how good my brows could look after that. So, I bought some brow products and began shaping and filling in my brows daily. Then I discovered eyebrow microblading! For our one year anniversary, my sweet husband paid…

  • How to Water Your Marriage Flowers

    How to Water Your Marriage Flowers

    Just like real flowers, your marriage needs some nurturing. As you know, there’s literally a metaphor for EVERYTHING! With that being said, I’m going to let you in on some secrets about how to water your “marriage flowers”. Now, you may be thinking, “I don’t have marriage flowers!”. I’m here to tell you that you most certainly do! If you’re…

  • Things I Wish I Knew Before Going On A Cruise

    Things I Wish I Knew Before Going On A Cruise

    David & I celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary by going on our first cruise! It was an {AMAZING} experience & definitely one we won’t forget. However, we learned some things along the way that would’ve been nice to know BEFORE the cruise! I’m going to share those with you guys so you’ll have a head start when you go to…

  • Sunshine In Her Soul Cheap Date Ideas for Couples

    10 Cheap Date Ideas for Couples

    Marriage Series: Walgreens Wives Being more frugal is a concept David and I are trying to get more on board with lately. Adulting and bills are no fun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on fun dates as a couple! Some of my most favorite dates with David are the ones that cost very little or nothing at all. Here…

  • Marriage

    Highlights of Our 1st Year of Marriage

    Marriage Series: Walgreens Wives Since we just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary last week, I thought I would switch things up this week! So many exciting things happened during our 1st year of marriage, & I wanted to give you guys a quick highlight! 4.23.17-Wedding Day Best day ever! Our wedding day was cold and rainy (which isn’t good when…

  • My Makeup Wishlist-Eyeshadow Edition

    My Makeup Wishlist-Eyeshadow Edition

    For those of you who know me & are getting to know me through the blog, you know that I LOVE makeup! I’ve come to acquire quite a bit of makeup over the years. But, I still have a makeup wishlist that I add to all the time with new products I want to try out! There are several eyeshadow…

  • marriage series things I learned my 1st year of marriage

    Things I Learned My 1st Year of Marriage

    Marriage Series: Walgreens Wives As many of you know, David & I celebrated our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary a couple days ago!! So exciting! In honor of that milestone and celebration, I wanted to share with you some of the things I learned my 1st year of marriage. The Little Things Matter I can’t stress this enough! Over the past…