Sunshine in Her Soul - Emma

Sunshine in Her Soul

A faith-based children's book about
mental health and resiliency

Emma is a young girl with a big heart and big purpose. She carries God’s light with her wherever she goes, and she uses it to connect with friends and family in meaningful ways. In Sunshine in Her Soul, we follow Emma as she shares her light, but eventually forgets where it came from. Emma thinks that if she helps enough people, her light would grow brighter on its own, but instead, it just gets dimmer. Emma ultimately realizes that she can’t live without the light she was created to have, and she learns that God is the real source of her inner light – not her.

From the author

The Story Behind the Book

Mental health is just as important as physical health, but until the recent youth mental health crisis, mental health wasn’t nearly getting the attention it deserves. The tide is starting to turn and we want to do our part to spark a conversation around it! My daughter, Emma, and I teamed up to create this children’s book, Sunshine In Her Soul. The vision for this project started in 2021, after caring for Emma through life-threatening depression and praying her through recovery. We believe God wastes nothing and we’re trusting Him to use this book to help shape the next generation. We pray its message will help young children develop healthy boundaries, resiliency, and hope for the future.

Sunshine in Her Soul - Emma