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Sunshine in Her Soul is now available for pre-order. Copies are anticipated to ship by late March 2023.

A faith-based children’s book about mental health and resiliency for ages 6-10. In this story, we follow Emma; a young girl with a big heart and a big purpose. She carries God’s light with her wherever she goes. As she shares this gift with others who need it, she finds that the darkness around her begins to dim her light. Learn with Emma as she discovers where her light comes from and finds the restoration she needs.

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Emma is a young girl with a big heart and big purpose. She carries God’s light with her wherever she goes, and she uses it to connect with friends and family in meaningful ways. In Sunshine in Her Soul, we follow Emma as she shares her light, then later forgets where it came from. Emma thinks that if she helps enough people, her light would grow brighter on its own, but instead, it just gets dimmer and dimmer. She falls into a pattern of striving in her own strength. Little by little, she gives her light away until one day it’s nearly gone and darkness begins to overtake her. Emma ultimately realizes that she can’t live without the light she was created to have, and she learns that God is the real source of her inner light.
Sunshine in Her Soul is inspired by the author’s daughter, Emma. Sybil’s desire for this book is to help young children develop healthy boundaries, resiliency, and a Christ-centered identity. This book is meant to facilitate open discussions between parents and children about what it means to feel sad or anxious, along with teaching kids the importance of relying on God. Building these bridges early in life is a key component of the strong support system that our nation’s children so desperately need. A guided discussion section is included after the story to help parents and caregivers start this open conversation with the young children in their care.


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